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about us

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The beginnings

Harvey Baldwin became the first mayor of Syracuse in 1848 originating from the now suburbs of Baldwinsville. While it was noted by Mr. Baldwin over 100 years ago that he would see the city of Syracuse covered in "hanging gardens", it was only recently that the creator of Harvey's Garden, Michael Greene, would begin to implement this vision into a community beer hall and food truck park.

What is Harvey's?

Our team envisions Harvey's as a gathering spot for all residents of Syracuse, the surrounding areas, and anyone else looking for a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Harvey's is going to be a unique and a one-of-a-kind venue and will be able to offer the best kind of experience, a shared one. At Harvey's Garden we have spent countless hours designing and preparing your experience so that everyone will be able to enjoy all that we have to offer. From inclusive food options, a multitude of drink choices, live music, games, and so many events to choose from we promise you'll leave Harvey's Garden with a smile on your face. Don't forget to bring the kids and pets along too!


harvey's garden mission

To create an atmosphere that anyone from any background can come and enjoy. At Harvey's we like to make people happy, and our team will make sure that everyone is able to get the full experience that we've worked so hard to have the chance to provide to you. 

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